Episode 201

  • Ben is the ‘Chop Suey dumb dumb.’
  • Vicki is trying to get ‘it’s a gibbon’ to catch on.
  • Ben scars his sister for life after a swim with baby barramundi.
  • Vicki the musical historian reveals that the Bee Gees were millennia old demigods.
  • Vicki invents a new musical genre; Gregorian trance.
  • Vicki momentarily takes up macramé as we discuss our aborted hobbies.
  • Ben wants a turtle and has a sizeable shell collection to prove it.
  • Ben has a nugget and dumpling problem.
  • Vicki’s parents force feed her McDonald’s breakfast for two weeks straight.
  • McDonald’s has a problem with its self-serve kiosks and no one is talking about it.


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