Episode 208

  • We cross our fingers that our new remote recording setup actually works.
  • We teach you how to turn your Zoom call into a club hit.
  • Ben watches Vicki eat over Zoom.
  • Vicki tears an ass muscle.
  • Vicki asks the eternal question, what if ass cracks were a birth defect?
  • We discuss what’s more deadly, an emu or a spider?
  • Vicki doesn’t understand what qualifies as important information to bring up with the doctor.
  • Three-year-old Ben’s Batman cake birthday is a hit.
  • Vicki thinks that childhood has changed since we were kids because she repressed any memories of going to the park.
  • Vicki daydreams about apologies while running and Ben goes for an angry swim.
  • Ben’s nose runs while he runs.
  • Quarantine is making supermarket shopping even harder.
  • We dispense some helpful advice for anyone who’s been dumped in a quarantine bean hoarding dispute.
  • Ben reviews the sex scenes in The Witcher.
  • Vicki pays $167 to get her palm read.
  • Vicki wants to take back her premature review of Netflix’s Dracula.

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