Episode 220

  • Ben thinks the bar to become a saint is too high.
  • We try to determine to moral of Jack and the Beanstalk.
  • Pretty Little Liars is helping Vicki succumbing to her darkest desires.
  • We revisit the topic of placebo buttons and Vicki lays down some new traffic light rules.
  • Ben has a run in with his arch nemesis on the train.
  • Run chat: The coronavirus provides some good workout motivation and Vicki pitches an augmented reality running app.
  • Vicki’s friend informs her that her house is on fire.
  • Ben falls out of his bunk bed and wakes up mid-air.
  • We dispense some advice for anyone pretending to have retrograde amnesia.
  • We celebrate the age old Moldovan custom of buying five Peloton bikes for your wife’s family.

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