Episode 221

  • Ben has a few words for people who call milk ‘moo juice’.
  • We rank the Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Water range.
  • People who use their phone to pay for things make Ben feel old.
  • Ben wonders how Butter-Menthol sales have been affected by the pandemic.
  • Quarantine restrictions are lifting soon.
  • Ben’s new Xbox gets delayed and his son ‘Crinkly Ben’ shows up on his doorstep.
  • Vicki new Dyson vacuum inspires a dusty conspiracy theory.
  • Ben’s explores his love/hate relationship with IKEA as he awaits his ‘in transit’ cube.
  • We discuss assembling IKEA furniture in Brazil and Switzerland’s love of exposed wires.
  • Vicki imagines being born in 1900 and comes to the conclusion that death would be preferable.
  • We advise a redditor, struggling to trust their partner after playing Among Us.

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