Episode 223

  • Ben asks why triple jump is an Olympic event?
  • Vicki pitches dressage but for cars, aka. ‘dresscarge’.
  • Ben provides an update on the saga of his car problems.
  • Vicki gets a good deal on a car because it smells like a wet dog.
  • Ben’s parents struggle with the grocery and Christmas lists.
  • Vicki weighs up her options between the two types of women’s deodorant.
  • Ben gets a call from the Xbox body wash hotline.
  • Vicki makes a plea for Ben to do something about the soapy ridge in his bathroom.
  • We discuss how quickly we’d be shunned if we became the first new coronavirus case in the state.
  • Ben encounters his friends ‘top of head twin.’
  • Ben returns to the dentist only to discover he’s still dead.
  • We provide some advice for those eating 10,000 calories a day and a Guitar Hero obsessed newlywed.
  • We bring up ex partners at every opportunity and somehow it backfires.

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