Episode 226

  • Vicki devises an elaborate nanoparticle based hazmat suit to protect her from corona.
  • Ben continues to struggle with sleeping in the middle of the bed and finding a good clock.
  • We discuss the ‘knoon’ and hire a fleet of staff to peel our kiwi fruit.
  • We theorise how bathroom attendants get hired and devise a new superhero ‘TP’ who knows how many squares of toilet paper you’ll need.
  • Ben asks who thought waterbeds were a good idea?
  • We discuss rainforests, trains, dragons and other very normal sleeping techniques.
  • Vicki’s boyfriend has a run in with an unhappy late night McDonald’s customer.
  • Someone re-enacts the Christian Bale rant, right outside of Ben’s apartment.
  • The last minute New Year’s Eve coronavirus restrictions, quickly let’s everyone know how cool and popular they are.
  • Kirsty gives away Ben’s Christmas chocolates, giving him the greatest gift of all – a massive guilt trip.
  • We check in with the Gävle goat for the final time this year.
  • Ben deals with the trauma of his friend drinking out of his water bottle.
  • Vicki’s ‘elephant’-phobia reaches new depths and Ben fears Twitters teeth obsessed monster.


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