Episode 237

  • Ben thinks his UberEats delivery driver is flirting with him and Vicki watches TV with her pizza guy.
  • Melbourne is back in lockdown and Vicki’s boyfriend and dad are living together.
  • Ben is buying an apartment with a meditation pool (but sadly no koi).
  • Ben reflects on the electrifying fishponds at his childhood home.
  • Ben is applying for a home loan and may subsequently be living off ramen for the next thirty years.
  • Vicki’s thinks strangers can tell that she isn’t a hat person.
  • We don our headphones in an attempt to avoid awkward social situations and small talk.
  • We have a run in with a couple of angry bus drivers.
  • Vicki scores the deal of the century with a pair of $1.50 armchairs.
  • Ben reads his annual PSA for Activate Your Read Receipts Day 2021.

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