Episode 240

  • Ben’s Face ID doesn’t recognise him first thing in the morning.
  • Ben discovers he was catalyst for a life changing decision.
  • Ben convinces himself he accidentally bought the wrong apartment.
  • Vicki wants to discuss juice permission and we revisit the ‘breakfast sip’.
  • Ben’s sister has an amazing ability to accurately locate bellybuttons.
  • Vicki is now texting with her barista, who warns her about leaving her read receipts on.
  • Ben discovers he’s older than Bon Scott of AC/DC fame and is now worried about ‘death by misadventure’.
  • The alarm at Julian’s office is broken in a very bizarre way.
  • Vicki recalls the day she discovered she has tinnitus.
  • Vicki’s dad Rodney has super powered hearing and is our first inductee into ‘The Ordinary’.
  • We discuss video game glitches and growing up with bootleg games and movies.

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