Episode 241 Banner

  • Ben experiments with Zoom’s ‘improve my appearance’ setting.
  • Ben employs some ‘contact free’ movers to help him move apartments during lockdown.
  • Ben discovers a lack of blinds or curtains in his new apartment and is forced to improvise.
  • Ben (unsuccessfully) attempts to leave a fridge at the old apartment.
  • Ben isn’t pleased with the flush on his new toilets.
  • Ben’s discovers some unwelcome guests in the garage, during his final apartment inspection.
  • Ben critiques the local convenience store and its strange selection of stock.
  • Vicki holds a grudge against a coconut entrepreneur, and we discuss The Celebrity Apprentice and Ross Noble’s cursed sand.
  • Ben discovers the hidden costs of moving and prays for his future children to be conjoined triplets.
  • Ben has a revelation about true crime shows while cleaning his apartment.
  • We discuss funny names in the Olympics and Matt Shirvington’s most famous attribute.

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