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Episode 21 – She Already Dead
Vicki refused to do the glossary notes for this episode…

Episode 22 – T-Pain The Time Travelling Robot
Canterbury A magical land where woman plait the hairs of unicorns, and they’re not aware of Coke.
Indiana Jones’ Skull Left to mark that even the worlds’ greatest adventurer can’t even get to Coke in Canterbury.
Nursery Rhymes What passes for street art in Canterbury.
Feelings pictures How all the best children express their dark desires to kill their father and sleep with their mother.
Nuclear S.H.U.B Not really well defined, but obviously something that can protect you during a nuclear war.
Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” What I sing when I feel awkward.
The Sack A pre-cursor to the sleeping bag. Not as impenetrable as some may think.
The Dewey Decimal System Something we haven’t made a joke about.
This is your life, Predator! The best reality show since Mole Island .
Angling and Juliastone Fish The best pun ever.
Vanstock A van related party that Ben e-vites you to every year.
Grilled by Bear Grylls Sleep inside this carcass, like you slept with another WOMAN!!!
The reality zone Where stuff that really happened, happened.
Verbo A verbal typo
Anal Story Mum Next from the makers of Pirates
The Big KFC Heist™ Flee! Flee! This is a once in a lifetime twista-tunity!
How to catch a twist theif Listen to this podcast. Oh Colonel, I’m so sorry!
Mexi-envy The jealousy felt when someone ordered better Mexican food than you, despite all Mexican consisting of the same things.
Mexi-burned When someone takes your mexican, and you take portmanteaus too far. Usually referring to the food not the people.
“Let sleeping Vicki’s lie” Advice to live by.
Cookoo Magoo Vicki’s new name. A good change.
T-Pain A Time Travelling Robot
Re-five When you have to redo a high five.
“You can’t unbang what’s been bung” The hottest new saying

Episode 23 – Damn Herpes Parrot, Always Ruining My Game!
Sound episode
Most commonly known to people as a ‘podcast.’
“Man who gets rid of shit is King” The motto of too many podcasts.
“Make show funny, keep septic tank fresh” An important thing for us all to remember.
Stalkerspace The internet.
Vicki “Cagefighter” Smith Vicki’s on air nickname, as chosen by the Jersey Shore nickname generator.
Ben “Juicebox” Moore Ben’s on air nickname & something Vicki had in her lunchbox once.
Insane “Rooster Blocker” Ramblings I’m really not sure what this is, but I don’t ever want to meet an insane rooster blocker.
‘Fuck what’s my segment’ segment Pretty much every segment of our show.
“You’ve got a lot of murdering to do, pal” What you say to someone who wants to murder people who eat monkeys.
Sneeze perch The pre-sneeze facial expression where you hunch your birdlike shoulders and stick your neck out.
Sneeze watch The on-edge feeling you get when one of your podcast hosts could sneeze at any time. AT ANY TIME!
Parrot leash An obvious parrot accessory.
MyArea The lesser known social networking website.
Towelly, towelly, bird, bird The most popular game in Vicki’s house.
Winton Churchill and the Backstabbing Parrot Vicki’s upcoming thriller.
Carcast A podcast done in a car. Also what Brendan does under his breath to keep the car on the road.
Expeliamus! Brendan’s anti-car crash spell.
Long division The worst kind of division.
The octomum of Crunchies When you win eight consecutive free crunchies from a single purchase. A lofty goal.
Unreleased sneeze A common cause of death.
Ben’s Braggin’ Hour A rejected name for the podcast.
Mr Herpes A rejected name for Vicki’s bird.
“If you’re real quiet on this car trip, I’ll let you marry a penguin” The best bribe ever.
Penguins Already perfectly equipped for a wedding.
Jim Henson Celebrated puppet movie director.
Gin Henson Jim Henson’s favourite cocktail.
Penguin Colonoscopy Something you don’t want.
Repeato-mosquito When the itch goes away and then COMES BACK!
It’s pundemonium The hate campaign against puns.
Vicki “venn diagram” Smith One of Vicki’s less catchy nicknames.
Mushrooms Not the great all rounder. Don’t be fooled!
The dibs share market Buy while the iron’s hot and sell when she’s divorced with 4 children.

Episode 24 – Well Played MILF
Ben ‘one t-shirt at a time’ Moore
The man who denies layering.
Freak smelling When you can guess the brand of someone’s hair gel by smelling it from the other side of the car.
You’re Having This A restaurant for indecisive people.
The tyranny of choice A more threateningly named spin-off restaurant.
You’re fucking this When franchising goes too far.
Humourless Bob The man who humour forgot.
Man Checks Hair Front page news, or Ben’s first act of the day.
Hair advisors People who will tell you if your hair sucks.
The unfortunate square face incident The time Ben had lego-man hair. Also known as, something we never talk about.
Door no more The new rule instituted at Vicki’s mother’s work where they’re not allowed to have doors. Also the name of Vicki’s new cover band.
The hypercolour t-shirt of people Friends who look different 100 metres away to the point of being unrecognisable.
Godcaster Possible new name for a podcast host or creepy spiritual fisherman.
Scatman New podcast host name or slang for people who can read messages from poop.
No-runner Those who have a policy of never running for a train. Ever.
The Indiana Jones of teaching The heroic nickname earned by leaping on a train to make sure students weren’t travelling alone.
How big is your head? The best head measuring game show. Also, the only head measuring game show.
Heady heady measure The home edition of “How Big is Your Head.”
Zen people type weird shit into Google The Haiku version of the weird crap you guys search for.
Auslan The boss of the sign languages, because it sounds so much like Aslan, the boss of lions.
Sham TV Our newest product, a TV that doesn’t work.
Dog Murderer McGee Someone you wouldn’t trust your puppies to.
Pervy eyes Cover yourselves!
The creeper keeper Something to protect you from pervy eyes. Or somewhere to keep your favourite stalker.
“Everyone’s creeped out except for the audience” A rejected tagline for Paranormal Activity 2.
Winkingcat.com Better than the one letter away alternative.

Episode 25 – Reepicheep Virgins
The first rule of Fightcast Don’t talk about puppies.
Popcast Insane Ramblings’ new softdrink and a competitor to Psycho Fizz. Now with 50% more cast!
The old pig skin Ben’s cruel nickname after the horrible accident that turned him into half man, half pig. Skin speaking, not character wise.
Sex well An abandoned well filled with ‘Where did I come from?’ literature, where they taught sex education in the 18th century.
Hong Kong Dave Vicki’s new podcasting guest host, who weirdly lives in Japan
Wan The past tense of “won.”
Recapville A town where people are always trying to tell you what you just missed.
Most vulnerable player The world’s most underawarded superlative.
“If you can delete Sandra Bullock, you can delete anyone.” Advice for those of you wanting to get to the top of the deleting field.
“This podcast is so money” Vince Vaughn’s opinion of the podcast.
Facebook limbo Not nearly as much fun as Jamaican limbo.
“It can only go so low!” The truth about limbo. A lie about this podcast.
Ben’s scenario hour of power A show that only didn’t take off due to the lack of Prospector George introducing it.
“I big saladed her.” When you steal someone’s rightful credit.
December 1st Almond day. The day we discovered almonds were edible.
Umbrellas Engage! The best way to announce the arrival of rain.
SWM Single white mammal. For those with low standards.
The lone winner Is it too late to change my nickname?
Indecisive-o’s People who are indecisive, or an awesome new cereal.

Episode 26 – Listen Poseidon, I Know All The Pee Is Coming From You!
Squeaky-voiced teen Far too easy an impression for Ben to channel.
Amnesia ray What Ben uses on Vicki before every podcast to make her docile enough to sit in front of a microphone and listen to his crap.
OJ Megamix All orange juice stories, all the time. Not O.J Simpson related unless it’s also coincidentally orange juice related.
100% loves the show, 50% same genetic material Ben’s sister Kirsty.
They’re made of food! An unsuccessful jingle for horse radishes.
Sea review Vicki’s people to those in charge of the sea.
People talking on the internet! One of Insane Ramblings’ many failed slogans.
2 minutes The appropriate amount of time to tell Sea Biscuit’s life.
The lazy golfer 24 hour tablets.
The Boxing Day Test A test that all Australians have to take about their Christmas Day festivities.
The weatherman The robot replacement for Punxsutawney Phil.
Bleep Bloop The robotic weatherman.
Cute College Day of the Girl Ben’s next horror film.
A relatively normal turtle A turtle that might have a few things wrong with it but overall it’s essentially a regular turtle.
Passive Aggressive Man Ben’s hidden power to persuade people into Craig’s Segment.
The Rango of 2011 A slogan for the most fantastic event of the year.
Eg. “Wow! Rango is going to be the Rango of 2011!”

Episode 27 – Touched By A Chicken
Lamp chat The (best?) new Insane Ramblings segment.
Soylent Green is Tamagotchi Vicki’s mother’s inability to keep an electronic device alive for one day! Dammit Mum!
It’s raining Ben The song that plays in Ben’s head most of the time.
A load bearing poster A poster that also holds up a wall. Annoying when it’s something creepy.
Sliding When you got to a parallel dimension to avoid skiing.
Extreme arctic hiking with weights The only way to save your self esteem when you suck at skiing.
Dance, Puppet, Dance! Shouted by foreigners, when they’re trying to make people with accents speak.
Je mange de poulet Ben’s answer to anything you ask him in French. Effective 80% of the time!
The Rock, Paper, Scissors of Policemen A faceoff between guns and judo.
Insane Ramblings on Death Row The new podcast after playing the Rock, Paper Scissors of Policemen.
There were claws and tentacles everywhere! The catchcry on the pervy animal train.
“Do you wanna go catch some Z’s on the poop deck?” A nautical term.
Rapeman The one trick pony of superheroes.
Phillipblog Vicki’s fanzine about Ben’s Dad.
Rodneyworld A site dedicated to Vicki’s dad. Also the name for the first planet discovered by Rodney.
“It’s raining beer!” Shouted at the best party ever!
Baby Limbo A new crazy Japanese game show.
Fish police A lesser known TV show that was cancelled as quickly as Cop Rock. Quite easy to outrun. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…


Episodes 21-27