Ben Hosts Reality TV & Me Episode 100

While Ben’s sister Kirsty was in the hospital, she foolishly handed the reigns of her podcast over to Ben. Listen to it now before the morphine wears off and she realises the mistake she’s made….

Sound Bites / Teaser Videos

Our podcast preview/teaser video series Insane Ramblings Sound Bites is now available on YouTube. Check out the playlist below for dozens of bite sized clips, featuring highlights from almost every recent episode. Suggested uses may…


Listen to our hit song O.M.Tree, our musical dispute of Usher’s claim that there’s ‘so many ways to love you’. As heard in The Propshowsal – Episode 29 ‘DJ Snuggles’.

The Press X Podcast

Press X was a short lived pop culture podcast that Ben recorded with two friends Nick and Curt. Video games dominated the conversation but we covered all forms of entertainment from movies to music, did…

Insane Ramblings Promo

Not sure if our show’s for you? Check out this mini-episode, where we quiz each other and give you an idea of the weirdness you can expect from the full podcast.