While The Propshowsal came to an end long ago, you can still download the entire series right here!

In 2012, after three years of podcasting, we decided it was time to try our hands at the big time. It was on this day that we began our journey into the the high stakes world of community radio and The Propshowsal was born!

Here’s how we summed it up at the time.

What’s a Propshowsal?

An extremely clever (re: not so clever) combination of the word ‘proposal’ and ‘show’.

Okay, but what’s the show about?
Ben and Vicki will propose things. This could range from a humorous yet thought provoking way to improve the world, to a simple toast or even proposing to each other. Hate something? Us too! Except we actually plan to do something about it – offer amusing solutions for you on the radio.

Go on…
We’ve been running the podcast Insane Ramblings for three years and now that we’ve polished our skills online, it’s time to make ourselves heard on the Melbourne airwaves.

The Proposal Show features a similar brand of humour to our podcast but with a more structured approach. We even plan to include a live radio drama segment entitled Syn City, which is an ongoing film noir story. Equal parts radio play, social commentary and comedy, The Propshowsal includes all the things in life that irritate the living hell out of you – from being asked to play Twister at work, to International Politics, and what we think should be done to solve them. Has Elton John been stalking you with a song? We can solve that too!

What if I can’t listen live?
Just like with Insane Ramblings, every episode of The Propshowsal will be available to download as a podcast, shortly after it’s broadcast.

Sounds cool. Where can I check out this podcast you speak of?
Right here! Check out the list below of every episode we’ve ever done for free!