Insane Ramblings Rerun is our ‘best of’ show, where we replay some of our favourite moments from the podcast. It’s a good place to get caught up, if you’re new to the show and don’t know where to jump in

You’ll hear clips that date all the way back to our early days of podcasting when our setup consisted of a microphone taped to a chair, through to our community radio days and to our new and improved setup of two microphones on a bedside table. How far we’ve come!

Rerun 16 – Super Erection

Episode 85: Vicki strives to become ‘uncomfortably attractive’ and invert men’s penises. Episode 154: We strive for success in an attempt to show up anyone who’s ever turned us down. Episode 173: Ben thinks the…

Rerun 15 – Better The Veal You Know

Episode 143: Vicki sings Ghetto Gospel. Episode 178: An autocorrect mishap forces us to choose between a massive line, lube or luge. Episode 139: Ben is struggling to live up to his new license plate….

Rerun 14 – The Small Pee Bag

Episode 149: Ben assists a girl with a small pee bag. Episode 137: We drink Alex Mack’s milk. Episode 163: Vicki poses the question ‘When is it acceptable to tell someone you had a dream…

Rerun 13 – Low Shield Moment’s

Episode 156: Ben explains how the male body is like a spaceship. Episode 181: Ben proposes a way to avoid ordering emasculating cocktails. Episode 159: Ben investigates Dean Cain’s propensity for Christmas and dog-based films….

Rerun 12 – You’re Making It Weird

Propshowsal 3: Ben proposes the bunny ears for all, shoe-tying initiative and Vicki proposes that only blind people should be able to ask ‘What’s up?’ Episode 129: We stay woke. Episode 97: The Tropical Judge…

Rerun 11 – Nude With Pizzas

Episode 123: We perform a few verses from our upcoming Christmas album. Episode 93: Everyone in New York gives Ben their thoughts on broccoli and he gets schooled while trying to catch a bus. Propshowsal…

Rerun 10 – Punch For A Cause

Episode 110: Ben gets into a very one-sided fist fight on the tram. Episode 132: Ben yells at a bunch of dumb eBay customers. Episode 119: Ben makes a heartfelt apology to the listeners. Episodes…

Rerun 9 – Birthday Grudge

Episode 92: Ben gets chastised for not inviting the girls in his life to bro time. Episode 114: Ben’s singing draws some unwanted attention at work. Episode 24: Ben is reunited with his magic basketball….

Rerun 7 – Shocked By The Candor

Episode 74 – Ben’s fights some fake trees as his apartment gets turned into a tiki bar themed hotel. Propshowsal 21 – Ben goes for his driver’s license and can’t stop thinking about having sex…