Insane Ramblings Rerun is our ‘best of’ show, where we replay some of our favourite moments from the podcast. It’s a good place to get caught up, if you’re new to the show and don’t know where to jump in

You’ll hear clips that date all the way back to our early days of podcasting when our setup consisted of a microphone taped to a chair, through to our community radio days and to our new and improved setup of two microphones on a bedside table. How far we’ve come!

Rerun 6 – Judging Judy

Episode 87 – We have sex with the entire Wu-Tang Clan during our ratchet period. Episode 88 – We microwave a turkey and make gay accusations as we continue the trial of Palmquist vs Sellers….

Rerun 5 – My Wife’s A Bitch

Propshowsal 34 – We try to get a listener in trouble with his bitch wife. Episode 63 – Ben’s dream is interrupted when he’s taken on a d-tour. Episode 16 – Ben fails at laundry…

Rerun 4 – What’s Your Faun Name?

Episode 20 – Ben gets ready to ramble. Episode 49 – We pitch competing faun based game shows. Episode 7 – Ben goes on a date and unfortunately loses the ‘eat off’ but luckily doesn’t…

Rerun 3 – Spread Albatross

Episode 73 – Recount Dracula drops by to quiz us in the elevator. Propshowsal 18 – Ben attends the Oscars and visits the moon with Jennifer Lawrence. Episode 82 – Ben’s neighbours ring in the…